Loft Conversions in Putney, Fulham

and all Locations in South West London

Having a loft converted is one of the most popular ways for a homeowner to gain added living space from part of a property which, until now, is probably nothing more than storage room for personal belongings or the Christmas decorations. The builders at KK Building Projects can repurpose this space in a choice of styles. We are an established local company with services available across all parts of South West London.

Located in Putney, we can build loft conversions in Barnes, Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, Richmond and Wimbledon.

How do you currently use your loft space? If you feel it is a little underused, convert it into a new bedroom or a spare living room. If you work from home, how about an office? Do you have hobbies you love to pursue, but which are already starting to take over your home as well as your life?

We can’t think of a better solution than to have a little building work undertaken by our team. You might be surprised to learn that loft conversions, in terms of construction, are relatively straightforward and only minimally disruptive.

Before our builders and tradesmen come in, we perform a site survey that takes the following into consideration:

  • The type of roof you have and its pitch
  • How you currently access loft space
  • The need for lighting and electricity
  • Any plumbing and heating requirements
  • Sufficient head space and ventilation
  • Any potential obstacles to building work

The main objective of our builders and tradesmen, upon closer inspection, is to establish if one of our loft conversions is the appropriate choice for your residential property.

Customers in the Putney and Fulham areas, and those across South West London, have a choice of styles:

Rooflight Conversion – A low-cost option requiring no major building works, or changes to the roof’s shape or pitch. New skylights, a floor and a staircase will usually suffice.

Dormer Conversion – This type of conversion extends the slope of the roof to add space and make the loft habitable. It is a popular, cost-effective style for homes with sloped roofs.

Mansard Conversion – These loft conversions stretch across the length of the property and change the roof slope so that it sits vertically. This adds more space but increases the cost.

Hip-to-Gable Conversion – This style extends the roofing hip to form a gable wall. Because the job needs a free sloped side roof, it is best suited to detached or semi-detached homes.

The Benefits of Loft Conversions

The main reason to have a loft conversion built is to add more space to an otherwise cramped home but we feel that the freedom afforded to you and your family is worth just as much. With the man of the house relaxing in a games room, the lady of the house being creative in a studio, or the children having their own space to watch TV or play, more space becomes available for everybody to enjoy in other parts of the home.

Just as importantly, you won’t need to move out of Putney, Fulham or South West London, and you won’t have to absorb the cost of moving to a property that’ll have a bigger mortgage.

Most loft conversions fall inside permitted development. This means you won’t need to spend hours liaising with your local authority for planning permission. From your first point of contact, based on how busy we are, our builders can be in and out of your home with the job done in fewer than 6 to 8 weeks.

And, if you ever sell your home in the future, the potential return on your original investment should be significant.

Call 0208 788 0095 or 07875 605 966 to discuss loft conversions in Putney, Fulham and South West London.